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If DOE Public Schools are open, VEX will meet on September, 2016 at 2:30pm – 4:15pm. Please wait to be picked up from Uplink.

** All team members will receive their log-in information for the WIS Robotics Website.

Build Team: Meeting Location – B9/SHOP: Richardson

IMPORTANT: You must keep a daily log of your robot’s progress; even if you are building the pre-designed clawbot you should have a journal entry for each day that you worked on the robot.

  1. IQ Team 1: Finish construction on base clawbot.
  2. IQ Team 2: Correct previous build.
  1. VRC: Construct base design
    1. Install brain component into the robot.
  2. Both teams: take inventory of the parts you are currently using on your robot

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Programmers: Meeting Location – A3: Kitagawa

  1. IQ Challenge Overview: Look over the competition requirements of VEX IQ to determine our programming needs.[wpdm_package id=’63’]
  2. Review commands:
    1. task main {}
    2. setMotorSpeed(leftMotor, 50); setMotorSpeed(rightMotor, 50); setMotorSpeed(armMotor, 50); setMotorSpeed(clawMotor, 50);
    3. sleep(1000);
  3. Learn how to operate color sensor.
  4. Hands on: obstacle course.


Web Team: Meeting Location – A3: Kitagawa

  1. Write an “about us” page for WIS Robotics.
  2. Photograph student members for their profile pages.
  3. Start Javascript course “Make an Interactive Website” on Codecademy.