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VEX will meet on September 9th, 2016 at 2:30pm – 4:15pm. Please wait to be picked up from Uplink.

New Business

  • Web Logins: All team members will receive their log-in information for the WIS Robotics Website today. If you lose this log-in information you must email an advisor to reset the password (
  • BrushBot THINKFEST
    • Thank you to the following club members for attending the BrushBot THINKFEST at Waiakea Elementary School on Wednesday September 9th, 2016: Yusef Tamimi, Alyxander Wakano, Carys Urasaki, Haily Greenwell, Kiyoshi Todd!
    • Thank you to students who will be attending the BrushBot THINKFEST at Waiakea Intermediate School tonight.
  • Kea’au IQ League
    • Our IQ Build Team and Programmers are invited to attend the IQ Tournament at Kea’au Elementary School tomorrow on September 10th, 2016. We will not be competing in the tournament itself but will observe how the tournament is conducted.
      • Our plan is to participate in the next IQ Tournament at Kea’au Elementary School.




Build Team: Meeting Location – B9/SHOP: Richardson

IMPORTANT: You must keep a daily log of your robot’s progress; even if you are building the pre-designed clawbot you should have a journal entry for each day that you worked on the robot.

  1. IQ Team 1: Finish construction on base clawbot.
  2. IQ Team 2: Correct previous build.
  1. VRC: Construct base design
    1. Install brain component into the robot.
  2. Both teams: take inventory of the parts you are currently using on your robot

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Programmers: Meeting Location – A3: Kitagawa

  1. IQ Challenge Overview: Look over the competition requirements of VEX IQ to determine our programming needs.[wpdm_package id=’63’]
  2. Review commands:
    1. task main {}
    2. setMotorSpeed(leftMotor, 50); setMotorSpeed(rightMotor, 50); setMotorSpeed(armMotor, 50); setMotorSpeed(clawMotor, 50);
    3. sleep(1000);
  3. Learn how to operate the sonar/distance sensor.
  4. Hands on: obstacle course & Virtual obstacle course.

Web Team: Meeting Location – A3: Kitagawa

  1. Write an “about us” page for WIS Robotics.
  2. Photograph student members for their profile pages if GoPro camera is ready.
  3. Start Javascript course “Make an Interactive Website” on Codecademy.