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The 30 Meter Telescope Array

This telescope mirror array represents the interconnectivity of our schools as we strive towards the common objective of bringing science, technology, engineering, and math into the practical lives of all of  Hawaii Students. Like each mirror in the 30 Meter Telescope array plays an important part in bringing the image to life, each person who contributes to the STEM community plays an important part in bringing our objective to life.

Our Community Array

We appreciate and are proud to have the support of the following mirror community members:

Waiakea Elementary School Family
BrushBot THINKFESTival 2016

  1. Nathan Atkins
  2. Kathy Sewake
  3. Lisa Yanagisawa
  4. Cindy Iwata
  5. Eri Lockhart
  6. Leslie Sumitani
  7. Nikka Takane
  8. Paige Nakano
  9. Kathy Kouchi
  10. Shanna Stecher
  11. Teri Ono
Image Map