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This shop is for WIS Robotics team members to order parts from club advisers. It is not a real shop and is for club internal use only.

Parts requests will be denied if your team:

  1. Does not have an acceptable prototype / design sketch of what you are building.
  2. Requests an excessive amount of parts.
    • Your team may only have 1 of the following checked out: robot brain, robot brain batter, controller, controller battery.
    • Your team may only have 2 of the following checked out: smart radio or vex iq radio.
  3. Does not have enough Classcraft Gold Pieces to pay for all the requested parts.
    • We have no way of knowing which parts are a priority so the entire order will be denied if you do not have a sufficient balance.

Part orders will only be fulfilled once per club meeting.

This means you must PLAN accordingly. A good plan means that you have considered what you will need to adequately complete the project. Extra parts can be returned after your project is completed; however, a restocking fee will be charged to your team.

  1. There is no tax.
  2. Cost will be rounded up to the nearest point value.
  3. Restocking fee is 20% of the cost of the item (e.g. a robot brain costs 100 GP, if returned you will receive only 80 GP back).